whisper_my_name (whisper_my_name) wrote in mkaolsenfans,

hey girls!

Could any of the graphically inclined (ie not me!) girls here make banners to put in the user info of our journals or to promote the community and whatnot....I think it would be fun to have a little pic with the community name on it.

Oh funny story-my ten year old cousin came over the other day and brought a bunch of the older mka videos (the adventure/party videos) and is like Here Mandie Ive out grown these.....haha......I thought that was hilarious....
is anyone else into old school mka?? cause of course I already have all the ones she gave me but if any of you want them let me know. Ill give you girls first dibs.
I have....
Our Music Video
MKA Bday party
Christmas Caper
Mall Party
Beach Party
Our First Video
Costume Party
Logical I Ranch

Oh and another idea for those who like to dress like the twins. we should all make photobuckets with our MKA outfits and then where we got the stuff. or maybe in lj....mods...is this alright...

alright thats it for now!

X posted to all my mka communities...sorry if you see this more than once!
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